Our Philosophy

Big Wave Digital is managed by some of Australia’s most experienced recruiters, our staff being involved in the digital landscape since 1994. That makes us veterans at what we do. We are all genuinely excited and interested in developments within the digital world.

Our objective is to become the best recruitment firm in Australia in our particular niche.

Big Wave Digital’s staff are trained to take care of some of the most important facets of recruitment that many of our competitors don’t get right. Like attention to detail, getting to know candidates, and understanding what it is that candidates really want from their careers. We take time to ask the questions, give guidance where required, and give a genuine service to candidates we represent. Because of this service, our candidates then call us when they are in a position of needing to find quality staff.

Big Wave Digital’s 5 core values are:

  • Trust – we trust our candidates, we trust our clients and we expect everyone we deal with to trust us.
  • Creativity – we support and encourage our staff and clients to tackle problems and issues by coming up with lateral and creative solutions.
  • Fairness – every action we take is driven by an overall commitment to being fair and equitable in everything we do.
  • Integrity – Integrity is what sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Reputation – any successful business is only as good as their last business offering. We are proud to maintain high levels of repeat business which always comes back to our service, industry connections and reputation.

Big Wave Digital’s business model is based on partnering with companies and candidates so that a large proportion of our business is referral based.

We are also committed to being Carbon Neutral Certified in 2014.


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