As a profession, software engineering and developer positions continue to dominate industries across the globe. The demand for software engineers is everywhere and in almost every industry!

Fifty years ago no one knew if software engineers were going to be the next big thing in the job market. Fifty years have come and gone, and the role of the software engineer has not only grown and expanded, but the need for software professionals today is bigger and brighter.

As a profession, software engineering and developer positions continue to dominate industries across the globe. Speaking code (figuratively speaking) is now a universal language.

In the initial years, the role of a software professional was synonymous with that of a computer programmer. Code and mathematics was their predominant language.

It was all about understanding how mathematical calculations and codes could be used for creating algorithms which could help machines generate a series of outcomes that could help with data generation and analysis

Through the 80s and 90s, the role of software engineers moved towards structured programming. To that point, the generic definition of a software programmer was limited to a computer programmer.

The Role of the Software Engineer in Today’s IT Space

It can be said that the “coming of age” of the software engineer really began post the 90s. Moving beyond the scope of computer programmer, today software engineering has effectively expanded into interface design, beta testing, information analysis, and development among a host of other areas.

A software engineer anywhere in the world, commands an enviable professional reputation and an equally enviable salary. As the IT boom continues and technology penetration becomes even more pervasive, the need for software engineers is only set to grow exponentially.

Technical recruitment agency sydney
Technical recruitment agency sydney

As Lexy Mitchell, Head of Technical Recruitment at Big Wave Digital puts it: “The future is very bright for talented and hardworking developers. With the languages that people are using right now where it could morph into the next few years no one really knows.”

Take for example Google’s Go or Golang, as it is often referred to, which was created in 2007 as an open source programming language using syntax similar to that of C. The main goal of this programming language was to create reliable and salient software programs. Things have really taken off from there.

Today there is so much happening on an almost daily basis in the technology space. We just need that many more software engineers to make sense of and sort out through the every growing tech pile!

What does it takes to be a great software engineer in Sydney?

If you are great at left and right-brained thinking, have analytical and numerical skills, and you enjoy problem solving, then you could make a stellar software professional.

Here are some vital knowledge areas for a software professional:

  • Coding and programming – write codes for the purpose of creating single-threaded or UI applications
  • Software debugging and testing – write, modify, and debug software applications as well as test and document software applications
  • Computer science fundamentals
  • Data structure and algorithms
  • Architecture and design
  • Information analysis
  • Use of source debuggers and visual development environments
Technical recruitment agency sydney
Technical recruitment agency sydney

In addition to having technical skills, in today’s market place, software professionals need to possess interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills to be able to interact with users, all in the pursuit of delivering the finished product.

Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or information systems, or IT in addition to strong (and proven) programming skills is a given.

But if there is anything that the Elon Musks, Tim Cooks, and Zuckerbergs of the tech world have repeatedly demonstrated, it is that one also needs to have experience and knowledge that is backed by a vision for the future, a creative and questioning streak, and most importantly, a strong work ethic to make it big in this space. Just don’t be biased and know that freedom should not be taken for granted.

While most software professionals end up working in software companies, a substantial number of software professionals are employed as IT consultancies, and find professional space within electronics and telecommunication industries as well as in government. The demand for software engineers is everywhere and in almost every industry!

The digital technology space is another area where the demand is increasing for mobile and big data engineers, cloud, gaming, app building and SaaS professionals, as well as e-commerce, web engineers, and UX professionals.

Will the emergence of AI and Machine Learning (ML) replace software professionals?

The question right now is not so much “will” but rather “can” AI and ML replace the role of software professionals. It is only natural that the emergence of new technology will lead to disruptions. But to say that it will lead to disastrous outcomes, such as completely replacing the role of humans, in the area it is employed in, is a stretch.

Technical recruitment agency sydney
Technical recruitment agency sydney

Computing and analyzing data and structural problems will get easier and exponentially faster with AI and ML technology. However, to extrapolate that into human-centric specification, regardless of the level of programming skills and tools used, is something that is still very far away from happening.

The standing question then is: can AI and ML create software systems independently without any human intervention?

As of now, it seems highly unlikely.

Natural Language Processing for example is extremely difficult to replicate in machines. Reason being that it requires an understanding of human thinking and creative purpose on an intrinsic and intuitive level based on centuries of shared human experiences. No technology system is anywhere close that level of advancement yet which makes Del Spooner from iRobot very happy!

If anything, Forbes predicts that AI could become a positive net job motivator! So much for replacing software professionals.

Will software development move from hardcore coding to the realm of plug and play technology?

A prime example of plug and play is WordPress which was created as a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Advances in software technology will definitely lead to better, improved, and easier to use tools and platforms.

In other words, you can have pre-programmed platforms for creating customized software applications and systems. However, you will still need someone to create the pre-programmed platforms to begin with.

Google and Apple engineers are some of the most sought after software professionals across the globe. And for good reason. They keep coming up with tech solutions that are not only easy to use, but offer multiple uses. However, a lot of hardcore coding and programming goes into the creation of these solutions.

Key Takeaways

The future is wide open and bright for software professionals in Sydney. The need for talented and dedicated software engineers across established and upcoming businesses and tech companies as well as startups make the market ripe for software professionals.

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Keiran Hathorn is the CEO & Founder of Big Wave Digital. A Sydney based niche Digital, Data & Technology recruitment company. Keiran leads a high performance, experienced recruitment team, assisting companies of all sizes secure the best talent.

Keiran Hathorn
Keiran Hathorn

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