Digital Recruitment in Sydney, Australia: Big Wave Digital’s Winning Formula for Job Seekers and Companies

Looking for a new job is never easy. True, while you don’t have to literally “pound the pavement” and “bang on doors” as much in the Internet age, finding the right outlet to conduct a job search is still overwhelming. Just do a Google search for a digital recruiter in Sydney and results will be plentiful. Who do you choose? Who will best represent you? Who will find you the best fit with a great, high paying company?

Google and Sydney Digital Recruitment

The field of computers/ Technology has become very specialized. And with the Internet being utilized by so many businesses, the need for media personnel with expertise in SEO, Online Editorial, and Web specific disciplines has blossomed. Do a Google search and you’ll find many recruiting firms in Sydney. These firms all share some common traits. They try to cover all jobs in the digital space and work with excellent companies in Australia, the UK, the USA and other countries, and have a very large staff.  These elements could all be seen as positives: more country coverage and a larger staff equals a higher chance a job seeker might find a position quicker.  However, it is also possible that the candidate could get lost in the shuffle.

How Big Wave Digital Does Digital Recruitment

If you are a job seeker and choose to work with a recruiter, you want to feel your search for a position is treated as a high priority, and that you are marketed as an important commodity to employers. Big Wave Digital does this and more. With a small staff of just three senior and experienced recruiters, each one with over 15 years of experience in the digital and technical recruitment domain, you can rest assured, whether you are a job seeker or a company, you will be treated with respect and as an important asset.

Big Wave Digital’s Winning Formula

Based in Waterloo Sydney and in the digitalbusiness since 1994 with the dawn of the Internet, Big Wave Digital is very selective with whom they partner.  And with over 1100 followers on Twitter, 5,000 likes on Facebook, and over 8,000 first connections on LinkedIn, it is clear the agency and its consultants are using a winning formula. With their recruiting focus across Australia, Singapore, and San Francisco (USA), Big Wave Digital has successfully placed people in roles such as CTO, CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Product, VP of Technology, and Commercial Director. Not only that but the agency prides itself on repeat business from job seekers and company clients like Strut Digital, World Nomads Group,, First Click Consulting, Conversant Media, and many more. These are nice accolades for a recruiting agency that has weathered the constant change of Information Technology and still is at the top of the digital recruitment game.


Keiran Hathorn MD – Executive Digital Search, Front End Developers, ios, Android, Ruby, Python –

Dayna Stewart – Digital Producers, Account Executives, Creative, Sales, Agency

Lexy Mitchell – Front End Developers, UI,

Address Suite 7/1 Danks St Waterloo, NSW , 2017

Writer : Doug McNamee