Hotel Tonight Offers Quick Hotel Booking From Your Mobile Device

So, say something came-up like an unexpected business trip and you had to be in another city that same day, say San Francisco.  You have to pack and go, so you won’t have time to research hotels before you leave. What do you do?  Well, if you have smartphone or another mobile device, Hotel Tonight can you help you to find a room quickly.

What Is Hotel Tonight and Why Use Them?

Launched in December 2010 out of San Francisco, Hotel Tonight works much like other hotel reservation sites such as Expedia, Orbitz,, etc.  The major difference is the company’s goal is to fill hotel rooms at the last minute that would otherwise go unoccupied.  And not only that, Hotel Tonight offers the consumer the best possible rate for a room in a hotel that is not a chain like a Holiday Inn or Marriott that is close to the city center.

While the company’s website is purely informational, Hotel Tonight is primarily a free app for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Google Phone.  All the major cities in the United States are covered by the app, including cities in Canada and the United Kingdom.

How Does It Work

Cities are shown in panoramic photographs.  Tap on a city and you will be shown available rooms in hotels for that night only.  The app uses the location services of your mobile device to find a hotel close to your destination.

At the bottom of the app, which is presented in portrait mode, is a “How Many Nights?” slider.  You can indicate from one to five. Tap on a hotel and you are shown a grid of pictures of the hotel.  Tap on one of these to see the hotel and its rooms. Within the grid are icons labeled Basic, Hip, Luxe, or Solid, which are ratings of the hotel and the kind of rooms they offer.  Another icon on the grid gives details such as a “Why We Like It,” “Need to Know,” a description of the room and hotel, and if the hotel offers food and drinks.

The Future Of Mobile Travel Apps?

Hotel Tonight is trying to expand on the idea of the virtual booking/ travel agent, and like a lot new and emerging startups, their app is exclusively for mobile devices and for the traveler with a quick, short-term stay in mind. Mobile software development is also, without question, one of the avenues in technology that is rapidly expanding along with mobile E-commerce.  So even though Hotel Tonight used venture capital and travel industry pioneers to help bring the app to life, they have garnered good press and been named the best travel app by Travel & Leisure and are riding the wave of the new marketplace.