iDonethis Takes Task Management Out Of Your Hands

During the workday, everyone has tasks they need to get done.  No one likes emails from the boss asking how work is coming on a certain project, or even worse having the boss stop by his desk to check on him.  Progress reports are, unfortunately, part of the work routine.  That’s where iDoneThis’s report system comes in to quietly check on team members through daily emails that are entered into a calendar.

iDoneThis Doesn’t Interrupt A Team Member’s Work Flow

An email based system sent daily to members on your team, iDoneThis checks on what each member is doing each day at work.  All the employee has to do is respond to the email, then the calendar is updated and sent out in digest form following day to the team manager.  That way the team member’s workflow isn’t any more interrupted than it would be by receiving, reading, writing, or responding to other emails during the course of the day.

The system can work as a team building exercise as well.  The manager, once he reads the digest, can respond to a certain member or all members of the team.  In this way, the manager receives updates about projects each member is working on without having to ask or send emails.

Who Is iDoneThis

The company is a fairly new, San Francisco based startup.  Their website went live in January of last year but didn’t launch for public view until May 2011.  It was created by some ex Google employees and supported by $20,000 in seed money from Angelpad.

The company is a paid subscription site for personal and team usage. For $5 per person, per month, a user can get the daily email updates.  Their pricing may be different regarding corporate usage. Of course, iDoneThis does a smart thing in offering a 30 day free trial.

How Does iDoneThis Work

Very simply.  Create an account, login and you are prompted with how often you want to receive emails: weekdays, daily, or a specific day of the week.  Then you are asked to verify your time zone and the time of day you wish to receive your email.  Of course, I ran through the personal version.  The team version is a little different.  The manager adds you into the system.  IDoneThis’s mission, as stated on their web site, is to develop software “you don’t have to remember to use.”

The Future for Internet Sites Like iDoneThis

Like most Internet companies, iDoneThis continues the focus in technology  of offering software that is interactive.  However, a piece of software that you have to tell to do something once is ideal.  So far there aren’t a lot of companies doing much with this other than as calendar items or utility programs for anti-virus and server tools.  So this area of automating activities we use every day without having to think about them is an area that can only be developed further.