TaskRabbit Creates A Virtual Community And Helps People Get Task Done

TaskRabbit Creates A Virtual Community And Helps People Get Task Done

You just bought a great sofa at a used furniture store across town, but you don’t know how to get it home and the store doesn’t offer delivery.  Sure, you could possibly call a friend, or you could call a delivery service but that could be expensive.  TaskRabbit helps you solve this difficult problem by finding someone to help you with whatever task you need done, then you pay what you think the task is worth.

Trust Thy Neighbor Or Your Virtual Neighbor

TaskRabbit is a service-oriented network built to help people get even the most mundane tasks done from picking-up the dry cleaning to packing for a move. The company uses social, mobile, and location based technologies to accomplish this task, so even if you’re out somewhere, you can open up the iPhone app and post a task.

Unfortunately, TaskRabbit is available in a few major market places: Austin, Boston, Chicago, LA, NYC, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle, and San Francisco/ Bay Area.  But the company plans to expand into Atlanta, Dallas, and internationally with service in London.

Who Does The Heavy Lifting?

The company hires what it calls “TaskRabbits” to fulfill their requests.  These people are local to your city and can be hired to do the following: delivery, house chores, shopping, office help, handyman, moving help, virtual assistance, event help, or skilled labor.

TaskRabbit, however, doesn’t just hire anyone.  Their process is rigorous, so someone wanting to work for them must write an essay, go through video interviews, and be subjected to a background check.

How Does It Work?

A user creates an account and adds a credit card.  No cash payments are accepted by TaskRabbit.  As far as costs and pricing, the company is transparent. All money goes to the person performing the task. So you pay the agreed on price, a service fee, which varies based on the task, and any reimbursement fee.

After logging into their account, a user posts details about the task and  how much you want to pay.  The last thing asked is if this is a private task, a task that can be completed remotely, or will the task repeat regularly. The TaskRabbit bids on the posted task and can either accept the fee or post a counter offer.  When stating what you will pay, TaskRabbit only asks that you consider distance traveled, time to complete the task, schedule, and level of difficulty.

Counting on Local Reliable People

With the economy still in rough shape and with so many people out of work, a service such as TaskRabbit is a great idea.  Not only does it provide an affordable way to help people get things done, it also provides those who work for TaskRabbit with extra cash.  Plus, the company helps to build a communal relationship among people in your town you might not meet otherwise.