Is Digital Recruitment the Canary in the Coalmine?

Over 21 years in digital recruitment, we’ve experienced all kinds of highs.

We love seeing our clients thrive when things are good, enjoying boomtimes, hiring exceptional staff and making the most of positive market conditions.

Together with our clients, we’ve also endured challenges. Global financial crises, shortages of skilled labour, economic downturns as well as natural disasters.

Pausch’s quote resonates. It’s the way we prepare for, and ride out these tough times that ultimately makes our businesses sustainable.

Whilst we cannot control negative events, we can hold fast to our core beliefs as business managers, pivot with measured flexibility, adapt and thrive. We believe the mark of your business is way you endure these hard times and prepare when conditions are good.


Digital recruitment is a canary in the coalmine. We’re an early indicator of changes in the broader economy.


Our industry is one of the first to feel and respond to economic change and business sentiment.


Keeping our finger on the pulse of the digital economy is crucial to what we do. Each week we talk to hundreds of people in the industry and gain insights as changes are unfolding.

This is one of the reasons why our clients consult with us for updates on the digital economy, business & employment trends and opportunities for growth.


You Can Talk to Us

 If you’re wondering about business sentiment, changes and opportunities, give us a call.


*And for the record, despite droughts, floods and uncertainty around the latest viral pandemic, demand for talent in the industry remains solid. Business sentiment is strong.

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