Who is the best digital recruitment agency in Sydney ?

Who is the best digital recruitment agency in Sydney ?

Well I suppose it’s a subjective question and the term best digital recruitment agency in Sydney will be debateable on many levels however I’d challenge you to consider Big Wave Digital as the elite digital recruiters in Sydney.




Here is my reasoning…


Big Wave Digital is a small niche, boutique recruitment agency on Danks St, Waterloo, Sydney and we only employ the best of the best recruitment consultants. All our consultants at Big Wave Digital recruitment are truly passionate about what we do, how we do it and the end outcome of satisfying the essential premise of finding great digital and Technical talent for exciting, innovative and passionate Digital and Technical businesses looking to grow their business still excites us.

We are competitive and love to win on your behalf. In recruitment you only win by placing top talent into top companies and we have been doing a lot of winning lately.

Another key hint as to whom should take out the prestigious tag of the best Digital Recruitment Agency in Sydney is that all our consultants at Big Wave Digital have over 12 years of commercial Digital or Technical recruitment experience so you are truly dealing with experienced, knowledgeable and efficient recruiters.

The old adage, if you give someone who is busy something to do it gets done as opposed to giving something to someone who is not busy it gets done slowly. Well, we are busy, actually the busiest we have been in over 2 years so we must be doing something right at Big Wave Digital recruitment in Sydney. We recognise that you are busy so communication needs to be efficient, direct and productive rather than a talk fest. We are very good at what we do so let us prove it.

The Key areas we focus on in Digital and Technical Recruitment in Sydney are:-

  • Digital Executives – CTO , MD, VP
  • Digital Technical Staff, Full Stack Devs, AWS,
  • Digital Designers
  • Digital Producers Project Managers, Agile
  • Sales Consultants
  • Search SEO & SEM
  • Agency Account Management
  • Campaign Manager
  • Sales Managers
  • Online Editorial Staff

We also get loads of repeat business and actually do not actively go out to market looking for new clients; they seem to come to us, perhaps another hint as to why Big Wave Digital recruitment is the best Digital Recruitment Agency in Sydney.

So I’ll leave it in your capable hands as to judge the winner of that title.

If you want more info on what Big Wave Digital can do for your business please contact either

Keiran Hathorn Managing Director for Technical or Executive Roles


Dayna Stewart Head Of Digital Recruitment for Am,s BDM’s AD’s Campaign Managers , UX Designers , Creatives , Sales


If you are a client please leave your details here so we can assist you on any digital or technical talent needs in Sydney. http://www.bigwavedigital.com.au/clients/become-a-client/