In this candidate-driven market you need to work harder to attract & retain the talent who will elevate your company.

We’re experiencing a candidate-driven jobs market in Australia.

With a bounty of digital, data and tech roles on offer, the present recruitmentenvironment in Australia is being driven by a shortage in quality candidates.

This means you need to work harder to attract & retain the talent who will elevate your company.

Check out our tips to attracting the people who will drive your company further.


TIP 1: What is your business offering that differentiates itself from others?

 Ask yourself: why will a top performer choose us above the next employer?

Be clear in what you’re offering as part of the role.

Other than salary, flexibility and trust is important. For example, new hires need to know they’re trusted to work on and off site.

Working from home and flexibility for family is nothing new, yet many managers still hesitate to enable it.


Digital Recruitment Agency Sydney
Digital Recruitment Agency Sydney

What innovations is your company developing?

  • Perhaps you’ve developed a new program?
  • A unique patent?
  • Bleeding edge trials of a new innovation?
  • Have you designed specialties or ways of working like no other?

Make sure you highlight initiatives you may take for granted that will appeal to new recruits.


What unique ways of working can your company offer?

  • What real opportunities for career growth can you provide?
  • How do you foster innovation?
  • Do you offer mentoring?
  • After-work sports / events / social events?


Are you working with incredible clients that others covet?

  • What are your volunteering opportunities?
  • Does your company facilitate secondments and overseas working exchanges?
  • How do you support further learning & education?
Digital Recruitment Sydney

TIP 2: Use the reputation of key people in your business to build on your own.

When your senior managers and team members have great reputations in the business, leverage this.

Bring your star performers and innovators in to interviews. Or talk about them. Tell candidates success stories highlighting achievement and real career progression in your business.

  • Ask your team to add their perspective when writing your Job Descriptions.
  • Ask your team what they think the best thing about working with your company is.
  • Tell prospective candidates.

If a potential hire is impressed by your team and authentic stories of their career progression, they’re more likely to want to jump on board.


TIP 3: Be efficient. Be decisive. Keep it real.

Crucially, you need to show a potential candidate that you’re organised.

There’s no bigger turn off to a candidate in demand – looking at three or four other roles – than a potential employer who hums and ha’s and isn’t prompt in their decision making.

Candidates have other roles to go to.

You need to court your potential staff and make it a deal for them that’s too hard to refuse.

And always, keep things authentic.

Be available to answer questions. Be open and honest about the role so there are no surprises down the track.


Have a good look at your business. Try using some of these initiatives to attract great talent. Tell us how you go!


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