That title seems like a bold claim, doesn't it? But we tend to think it's true, and we think you will, too. And that's because Big Wave Digital is a lot more than just a digital recruitment agency.

That title seems like a bold claim, doesn’t it? But we tend to think it’s true, and we think you will, too. And that’s because Big Wave Digital is a lot more than just a digital recruitment agency.

Not Your Typical Agency

We all know that recruiters collude with employers to snatch up desperate people and fling them into questionable jobs for the sole purpose of making money. Lots of fast volume and so lots of fast money.

But not at Big Wave.

Our mission is to connect talented and highly coveted candidates with the world’s best employers. Recruiting across the spectrum, from start-ups to large enterprises, we strive to give outstanding candidates access to some of the most exciting and innovative digital work opportunities around. And that’s where our satisfaction lies.

Emphases That Set Us Apart

 Double-sided Flexibility – Big Wave is a digital recruitment agency that holds flexibility near and dear, both in house and with respect to the people we serve.

We have, at Big Wave, a unique culture when it comes to flexibility. We all understand that having the time and work flexibility to have a life is foremost. Sure, we have productivity goals, but how our staff structure their time to achieve those goals is up to them. When you allow highly experienced and talented people (like we have) to work in their own way, you wind up with great results.

We also know that flexibility is becoming increasingly important to employees and that they are searching out employers who can meet the flexibility that fits their expectations for a work-life balance. So, we further understand, employers who can differentiate themselves from the competition in this respect will land the best talent. That’s what we emphasise because it’s about more than just the salary now.

Intentional Disruptive Innovation – Following the well travelled, hard-packed traditional path is easy, but not always effective. That’s why Big Wave’s founder, Keiran Hathorn, readily embraces innovation and disruption.

Take our website, for example. It is a paradigm shift from the standard look and presentation. Further, unlike the standard business approach for recruitment, our ultimate goal isn’t making money. Nope, it’s helping people – employing ethical business values and practices with a commitment to the highest-quality service and to building long-term relationships.

Now that’s disruptively innovative. But that’s how the magic happens.

Here at Big Wave Digital we have deep digital connections. Our award-winning online networking strategy allows us to optimally match people and positions. To discover more, just give us a call at (02) 9380 4431.

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