IT recruitment agency Big Wave Digital call on resumes in 5 years ...

Experts are of the opinion that resumes are suitable enough to describe the skills, responsibilities, or achievements of an individual but they do not have the potential to reflect the interests, passions, and future ambitions of a potential candidate.

Besides some of the other reasons that will make the word resume extinct in the next 5 years are the following:

LinkedIn gives a better picture of a candidate’s profile: Unlike a flat resume when a potential IT recruitment agency looks at the LinkedIn profile of an individual one can easily understand, or perhaps easily, their interests, things they are good at, and so on. Just with a few clicks it is possible to look at some of the presentations prepared by them.

At the same time recruiters can watch them speak and have a look at some of the recommendations received. The recommendations can give a salient insight into their soft skills which in turn helps the recruiter decide whether a particular candidate is fit for the team or not.

With LinkedIn you can have access to the best profiles: The best thing about these social media platforms is that recruiters can get to know a lot about the potential candidate, their interests, skills, and recommendations before the candidate gets to know about the position. Hence, unlike resumes recruiters can have access to the right person without a person actively going behind a job.

LinkedIn minimizes dishonesty: Surveys say roughly 53% job applications and resumes contain false information which in turn might mislead an IT recruitment agency. But on the other hand social media platforms like LinkedIn are a platform that has no room for exaggeration, and false information. This is because it is accessible by all and in case of wrong information you might get an unpleasant recommendation thus making your profile unacceptable.

Last but not the least, as to why a resume might become extinct is it increases the online brand and searchable footprint of a candidate unlike that of a resume.


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