Firing off quick briefs to a wide network of recruiters is a strategy often used by clients and in a way, it works. Those quick briefs will have dutiful recruiters putting candidates in front of you left, right and centre. The upside of this strategy is you get a lot of volume. The downside to this strategy is loss of time.

Having a multitude of choices doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find quality candidates. In fact, by gathering volume of choice you’re actually making it harder for yourself to find the diamond in the rough.

The onus will still be on you to read through the dozens and dozens of CVs, meet with all the candidates, interview them, assess how they fit into your organisation and then finally decide whether to employ them or move onto another candidate.

By spreading yourself between so many recruiters without an in-depth brief, you put a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself and make the recruitment process more stressful and time consuming than it needs to be.

There’s a simple solution to this and it may go against how you’ve traditionally worked with recruiters but we think you should try it.

Invite your recruiter over to your office. Spend half an hour to an hour with your recruiter over a cup of coffee. And not multiple recruiters. A single recruiter.

A recruiter’s goal is simple. To make your life easier by finding the perfect people for your organisation. The trick to finding the right people fast is an exchange of information that is both accurate and deep.

According to Lexy Mitchell of Big Wave Digital

“Some time spent upfront, ideally a minimum of half an hour, face to face, is beneficial for all parties to help the recruiter present the most suitable candidates.”

The half hour to hour long meeting is an opportunity to both inform your recruiter of your needs but also get feedback to evolve your search. You get to tell your recruiter anything and everything they need to know about the position you’re trying to fill and the kind of person you need to fill it. You’re altering the approach of gathering volume to gathering quality and saving yourself time in the long run.

A talented recruiter will carry a specialist’s understanding of what’s going on in the market. With this unique knowledge, they may ask you about aspects of the role you’ve never thought about and help set realistic expectations on what you’ll be able to find.

Speaking face to face about cultural fit on site, your recruiter gets a good feel for what your organisation is really about and can more accurately find the correct personalities to fit.

By speaking face to face about skills, your recruiter will be able to dig down on the technology your organisation uses, how it is used, if a candidate’s skill set and methodology will fit in with that or if further training is required. The recruiter’s knowledge and expertise will help you get to the core of the role and decide which technical skill aspects of the role are critical and what is negotiable.

You also get to set expectations around money, communicate why your company is a great place for a candidate to work and describe the process by which the candidate will transition from the role they’re currently in, to the new one.

Effectively, you’re arming your recruiter up-front with insights and information while simultaneously developing a deeper business relationship with them to achieve successful results together.

Depth and accuracy of information means a focused and on-target candidate hunt. By having a quick half hour to hour long face to face with your recruiter, you save yourself time and stress, and simplify the candidate hunting process.

In the end, all you’ll need to do is match resumes and book interviews with great candidates.

Want to have a cup of coffee with us? We’re buying, we promise!

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