The data’s in, so recent college grads be warned: it’s a tough jobs market out there for Technology roles. Even during economic upswings, competition is still fierce. The key to separating yourself from said competition is by nailing that most nerve-wracking of professional cotillions, the job interview. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you nail the interview and land that dream gig.


Visualize success


Start a few days early and visualize how you’d ideally like to see the interview play out. Rehearse your potential interactions, making sure to focus on being calm and collected during the interview. Practice taking your time through each answer, and not rushing through every question fueled by nervous energy. By performing these drill rehearsals vigorously, you’ll be able to revert effortlessly to that calm and well-prepared state when the big moment arrives.


Win the psychological war


Believe it or not, much of the influence a person wields in an interview is of the non-verbal variety. Body language alone can says a lot about the interviewee, and nerves can be a killer. So before heading in, fortify your psyche with a few tricks. Warm your hands under a warm tap or bathroom dryer to kill any chance of an off-putting clammy handshake. Breathe subtly during the interview, and mirror the energy of your interviewer. If they’re enthusiastic, be enthusiastic; if they speak demonstrably with their hands, you do the same. Avoid any nervous habits like fidgeting or crossing your arms, which is negative body language.


Know the lingo


One thing that all titans of the financial industry have in common is that they speak the language. Many business sectors have their own lexicon containing complex ideas steeped in numbers, theories and processes. And while a prospective hire can’t be expected to speak their language fluently, they can aim to impress by doing a bit of research before the interview. One great way to learn some insider lingo is by being a business major. But even those who aren’t on a business track can familiarize themselves with the professional world by committing to reading financial news. And remember, Warren Buffett got his start by reading basic books on investing as a mere child.


In the end…

With that in mind, here are some tips from it recruitment agencies in sydney to help you nail the interview and land that dream gig.

Remaining calm throughout the interview, as well as reading visual clues, will serve you well during any interview. Above all else find common ground with your interviewer. Establishing a personal connection will make you that much more memorable after you leave the office.

As it recruitment agencies will tell you, remaining calm throughout the interview, as well as reading visual clues,

Best of luck

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