Quarter 1. Market Information for Employers


The recruitment industry is one that never sleeps, and the start of 2016 is proving no different.

The first quarter has really kicked off with a bang and demand for top talent is fiercely competitive. A recurring trend I’ve seen over the past 3 months is the war for marketing talent. Big Wave Digital is a digital, data and technology recruitment firm, who partner with a variety of clients, ranging in industry and size, however regardless of business size and industry the movement this quarter is certainly across the marketing mix.

Despite Big Wave Digital’s three core recruitment pillars, 92% of vacancies this quarter have had a strong marketing skew, albeit digital, analytical, communications or data. The issue with such demand is the increase in candidate option. A quick search via LinkedIn “jobs” or Seek.com.au will demonstrate that in Sydney alone there are over 3500 open vacancies with a marketing angle. This means, candidates are spoilt for choice and the top candidates will be presented with multiple offers to pick and choose.

What does this mean for employers?
Regardless of where your current marketing plan is at, it is essential for employers to have a strong brand, a story for staff and prospective employees to affiliate with, in order to get their buy-in, a clear business direction and a strategic vision to capture and “sell” to the prospective market. Whilst we know a candidate needs to demonstrate the value they can add to a company, it’s now becoming even more prevalent for a company to share their story and benefits for joining.

I’ve witnessed marketing candidates accept a position for less money than the competitor was offering, due to the way the other firm sold their story. It may seem like common sense, but having a rigorous recruitment plan in place prior to engaging the market is absolutely essential.

All the best!
Dayna Stewart
Head of Digital & Data Recruitment | Big Wave Digital

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