What your recruitment partner can (or should) do for you.

Have you ever thought recruitment partners were just an expense to your business? Do you see your recruitment partners as being inefficient? Do you feel your recruitment partner just doesn’t get your business? ….. then, you’re partnering with the wrong people.

Here at Big Wave Digital we’ve heard it all before “recruiters cost too much!” – Usually objection #1. It’s not until you break down what you’re paying for (or should be paying for), that you realise it’s not an expense, more so, long term value being added to your company.

Recruitment Consultants should be just that, a true “consultant” an industry expert, not an “order taker” or someone to find a “bum for a seat”. A good recruiter should be there to offer insight on the actual role you are looking to fill and learn how it will fit within the team and overarching business.

Your recruitment partners should be there to identify innovative alternatives, if what you seek is ambiguous or possibly, not a talent readily available in the Australian market. They should be there to work with you on developing accurate job descriptions for the vacancy, help with guiding you on market rate salaries and work on a plan of action as to where suitable applicants will be sourced, plus set realistic expectations on delivery timeframes. I.e: when you can expect to view a shortlist, how many interviews you’ll need to conduct etc.

Your recruitment partner should also offer assistance with interviewing techniques,  as a hiring manager, you may not necessarily interview all the time, or know what you need to ask in order to get the most from your interviewees.

… so far, all of this, is a free service.

If you don’t have access to this type of service with your current recruitment partners, you’re simply not working with the right people.

When working with the industry experts at Big Wave Digital, you will have access to decades of industry knowledge within digital and technology industries.  You will get to work with Australia’s most passionate consultants who go above and beyond to source the absolute best talent for your team and the service doesn’t stop there.  Our consultants are easy going, casual in their approach and not like any other recruiter you’ve worked with before.  We have strong partnerships in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

This week’s consultant profile: DAYNA STEWART

Dayna commenced her recruitment career in 2000. She has developed an excellent reputation in the recruitment market as an ethical consultant who effectively builds strong partnerships to deliver timely services to both clients and candidates alike. Dayna currently aligns herself with professional clientele to provide them with the most up-to-date recruitment services available in today’s competitive digital market. Dayna’s key areas of specialisation are honed within the areas of Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Search, Data & Analytics, Digital Advertising, Sales & Technology.

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