How You Got Tricked Into Stranger Things Trend Marketing

We see it all, Stranger Things meals, deals, clothes, furniture, and even services. We are witnessing “Stranger Things Trend marketing.”

Stranger Things trend marketing? Yeah or better said Social Media trend marketing.
This is a marketing tool that is established on a trending event, person, or like here a Netflix show. And in today’s society, we see that Stranger Things is the number one hot topic in Australia, or better said Sydney, and actually Globally.
This is not without a reason of course…
What's Streaming on Netflix in May 2022, Including 'Stranger Things,' 'Lincoln Lawyer' – The Streamable
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If you haven’t been catching up with the latest news then you probably missed that Stranger Things is currently streaming Season 4.
Amazing! World news!
As exciting as it sounds it involves a lot of effort from the whole crew and the actors of Stranger Things.
Besides having everything ready for the series, it must get promoted as well, this mostly goes by the trailer, Social Media, flyers, posters you name it.
And one of them is attending interviews which is why Stranger Things stars Sadie Sink, Priah Ferguson, and Gaten Matarazzo joined the TV show Sunrise.
The stars of Stranger Things appear exclusively on Sunrise | 7NEWS
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As they entered Sydney, the content was blooming.
You couldn’t have missed it… We go from Stranger Things clothing to Stranger Things burgers.
Yes… You can literally incorporate them into everything.
But anyhow they manage to trick the public to grab their attention and set them to action. It’s all about the short period the product or service is available which creates the hype.
For example, buying that Burger meal for $15.50 does not sound that interesting and only will most likely be bought occasionally.
However, if that same Burger meal, giving a make over would be presented as “The Stranger Things meal” for $17.95 it would be a different story.
That meal would feel more tempting as it is trending everywhere.
And everyone knows that one-day trends end.
LP Stranger Things Burger Blended

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Conclusion: social media trend marketing makes a product or service more special as it represents scarcity. Think NFTs.
In one way it’s similar to what we do at Big Wave Digital recruitment, he use Trend Marketing ourselves to attract a ‘scarce resource; – i.e. Digital or Technical candidates. 
Actually, we love Trend Marketing, it’s in our DNA.
But in the end, this is not a blog to criticize other companies, it is to show how useful and powerful social media trend marketing can be.
Not making use of this marketing tool is like a missed opportunity.
Staying ahead of trends is where the content lies.
Now the real question is: Do you think we made use of Social Media trend marketing to make you read our blog?

Written by Sanjana Bhagelu
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