State of Play in Digital & Tech Recruitment in Australia, March 2024

State of Play in Digital & Tech Recruitment in Australia, March 2024

In my journey of over 26 years in the recruitment world, I’ve seen many cycles and changes. Each brings its own lessons and opportunities. At Big Wave Digital, we’ve been riding these waves and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of digital and tech recruitment.

Navigating Current Trends

The recruitment scene right now is intriguing. There’s a noticeable hesitation from both hiring managers and candidates. I recall a time when the market was similarly uncertain, but just like then, I believe this phase will lead to more clarity and better decisions in the long run.

Big Wave Digital’s Experience

Our job flow at Big Wave Digital is not what it was a year ago – down by about 63%. But this reminds me of a situation back in 2005. We faced a similar downturn, and it became a time for reflection and strategy, ultimately leading to stronger placements and relationships.

Looking Ahead

The upcoming months might be challenging, but they also present an opportunity for recalibration. I remember when, a few years back, the market was heavily tilted in favor of the candidates. Today, it’s more employer-driven, but I’m confident we’ll find a healthy balance soon.

Salary Shifts and Sector Growth

We’ve seen tech salaries go through a rollercoaster recently. They soared and are now normalizing. This situation is somewhat like what happened in the early 2000s, where after a period of salary inflation, we saw a stabilization that benefited both companies and professionals in the long run.

On the brighter side, there’s noticeable growth in areas like AI and blockchain. These sectors are like beacons of hope and opportunity, much like the early days of mobile app development.

The Candidate Conundrum

Currently, we’re seeing fewer applications, even with fewer job openings. This reminds me of a phase in the late ’90s when candidates were cautious due to market rumors. It turned out to be a temporary phase, and I believe what we’re experiencing now is similar.

The Ever-Changing Job Market

The job market is always evolving, and each phase brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. There’s something quite exciting about this constant state of flux. It keeps us on our toes and always ready to adapt.

Staying Optimistic and Prepared

As we steer through these interesting times in digital and tech recruitment in Australia, it’s crucial to remain positive and adaptable. The market is certainly shifting, but with these changes come new chances to grow and evolve.

Remember, it’s in times of change that the most exciting opportunities arise. Just like in the early days of Big Wave Digital, when we navigated through unknown waters and discovered new horizons, I’m confident that we’re on the cusp of another exciting era in the recruitment world.

Keep an open mind, and let’s look forward to the next chapter in digital and tech recruitment in Australia.

Warm regards,

Keiran, Founder, Big Wave Digital

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