Why you still need a recruiter (in the LinkedIn age) – Part 1

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all you need to do is create a catchy meme and hashtag it to get prospects knocking on your door. With LinkedIn or sites such as Seek, CareerOne or even GumTree, you can post your job and a massload of people will know about it almost right away.

Using an online networking strategy, you can get new talent knocking on your door in no time. You can save a bucketload of time and money…or can you?

The power is in your hands…but then it isn’t

The networking technology available has made connecting with candidates easier than ever. It’s understandable you may have concluded you no longer need a recruiter to help you find the right people, but this is untrue. Many clients who use an online networking strategy still struggle.


Because of it’s un-targeted, scatter-gun nature.

This method may have a lot of people contacting you who are wrong for the role. It means a lot of time wasted on the phone and reading emails. You’ll also have to sift through hundreds (or thousands) of CVs from unqualified prospects — just having a shot. This means even more time flushed down the toilet. Being connected doesn’t make finding the right person for your organisation any easier.

Recruiters are masseuses (but not the kind you think)

The recruitment of a new employee can be a messy, long, tedious and annoying process. Due to a shortage of the right staff, your business can suffer. Current employees can get grumpy because they’re doing more work than they should while you try to find the right guy to fill the empty gap. They may even threaten to leave. It can get stressful.

Recruiters can give your business the back rub it needs by massaging the knots and kinks out of the recruitment process for your organisation. Just as there are many different forms of massage (Shiatsu anyone?) there are recruiters that specialise in providing quality services in niches so you get the exact treatment you need. The recruiter is here to make finding the right candidate easier.

Recruiters can help define your roles and the best fit for you

Clients can begin the employee hunting process not really knowing what they want. Defining the parameters of a role can be tricky and placing the right person is of tantamount importance. The wrong person, can waste your time, waste your resources and cause havoc to your business.

To find the right person, you need to define what it is you need. Recruiters are connected to thousands of businesses and thousands of people. We can help you define your requirements and find the person to best fit those requirements quick.

So what do you think so far? Do you need a recruiter or don’t you? Sound off in the comments section below.

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