The Overlooked Secret From A “Tell me about yourself” Question

It is as simple as it sounds “Tell me about yourself?” or is it? The question is simple and the same goes for the answer but why is it that people tend to shine the least here.

Well, let me break it down for you.
If a recruiter asks “could you tell me something about yourself” the chances are that they do not care about you…
Don’t get me wrong, here at Big Wave Digital we have your back but what we are looking for is if you can do the job that we are recruiting for.
It’s not that we don’t care about your interests, rights, or even what you did over the weekend, because respect is one of Big Wave Digitals’ priorities.
It is just that 98% of the people we are recruiting start talking about their life stories and overall experience.
Perhaps, it’s more about connecting the About You part of the interview to link back to the actual interview and the Job that you are going for.
As an example, if you are going for a Digital Marketing related role then at some point in the – ” Tell me about yourself” answer or response you need to actually mention that you love Digital Marketing, Social Trends, you get the idea.
It’s a segway into how you relate to the job and company you are looking at.
A recruiter needs to take the right person to the right job.
It’s like memory.
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So, what you need to start doing to stand out and get that job, is to tell the recruiter, why you’re relevant and a great fit for the job that you’re applying for.
In this way, you have your recruiter on the hook and clearly delineate that you are the best fit for the role.
Do you have any difficulty starting?


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Then here are some starters that will help you open your answer:
  • My whole career has revolved around…
  • I do my best work when I have…
  • My biggest skills have always been in…
Well, now the only question that is left is…
Could you tell me something about yourself?
Written by Sanjana Bhagelu
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