How to be a winner working from home

How to be a winner working from home..

Dayna Stewart & Lexy Mitchell’s top tips on taking flexibility and turning it into productive high level outcomes.

Big Wave Digital is an employer who have incorporated work flexibility to offer genuine work/life balance. Technology has obviously played a massive part in this shift, with seamless access to systems and databases via the cloud, and meetings being held via skype, Google hangout, or video conferencing. We have fully embraced technology, however we don’t let it own us!

As with any change, the big thing to look for are the parallels, rather than the differences; and making sure your home office is set up similarly as your work office. To be successful working from home, you will need self-motivation, accountability, productivity, goals and focus. But overall, there are a few hints to be truly successful working from home.

  • Set expectations at home with your partner, kids, flatmates etc of your working hours, minimising noise and times when you can’t be interrupted.
  • Wake up at your normal office day hours. If you usually wake up at 6am and do exercise, do the same on your “work from home day” Follow your same routine even though you’re not going to the office
  • Get dressed and ready as you normally would. Yes seriously, Get out of your PJ’s and active wear and put on your “work face”
  • Make sure your household and family routine is complete by 8am. This may include making kids lunches, getting them off to school, unpack/pack dishwasher, do a load of washing, tidy kitchen etc. Get rid of any potential distractions before you start work.
  • Make sure you padlock the fridge and pantry so you don’t constantly get up and snack J Discipline!
  • Have a to-do list and goals ready to attack (best if written the evening before) and create structure for your day.
  • If you need support, guidance or wish to be a part of your normal daily meetings, WIP’s or Scrum’s, dial in and contribute. Don’t cut yourself off from your team/manager/colleagues. It’s not about isolation, it’s working remotely.
  • Don’t get into your car for any reason (coffee, breakfast etc) as ultimately this will lead you to being distracted by other “chores” that don’t correspond with work.
  • Don’t let household duties creep into your working hours.
  • Never turn on the TV and don’t allows pets into your workspace
  • Give yourself an allocated lunch break, no more than 30 mins
  • Set yourself an end of day time, otherwise this may lead you doing to extended hours and creeping into your family/relaxation time, which ultimately isn’t conducive to a work/life balance

Working from home should really be no different from working in the office. You know how your working day is structured, you have clear goals, targets and expectations that need to be met, and it’s about how you can effectively manage your time in the most productive way, to reach the desired outcomes. Working from home may not suit everyone, as you really need to have self-motivation, focus, resilience and determination, however if you can make it work, the benefits are significant.

If you’d like to know more about how Big Wave Digital has embraced work flexibility or would like more tips on integrating the process into your business to attract talented & experienced staff, give us a call! 02 9380 4431


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