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One arena in which Big Wave Digital leads the way for recruitment is in Fintech in Sydney and across Australia, New Zealand, and in San Francisco.

What is Fintech? The term simply refers to Financial Technology. It is a new innovation in the technology sector that provides competition for traditional financial methods. It improves the way businesses interact with the financial systems they rely upon; it works with the constantly evolving field of finance and the paperless, non-physical entity that trading money has become.

Fintech provides a new and innovative approach to finance and business transaction, which is replacing the outdated practices of the finance industry. Innovations include those in financial literacy, mobile banking, mobile commodity exchange trading, investment, retail banking, and crypto-currencies (for example, bitcoin). It can be applied to both commercial and personal finance, and interactions between various entities can be facilitated in unprecedented ways thanks to better information systems, mobile banking, data accuracy, and access decentralisation.
Fintech is used primarily by B2B for banks, B2B between banks and business clients, B2C for small business, and by consumers. The popularity of peer to peer lending (P2P) is dramatically growing in use and innovation in Sydney. Big Wave Digital is expert in Fintech and we are passionate about emerging new technologies and the true disruption of the traditional banking sector.

To recruit talent for Fintech in Sydney and elsewhere, contact us at Big Wave Digital today.

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