Why you still need a recruiter (in the LinkedIn age) – Part 2

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all you need to do is create a catchy meme and hashtag it to get prospects knocking on your door. With LinkedIn or sites such as Seek, CareerOne or even GumTree, you can post your job and a massload of people will know about it almost right away.

Using an online networking strategy, you can get new talent knocking on your door in no time. You can save a bucketload of time and money…or can you?

The power is in your hands…but then it isn’t

This is part 2 of “Why you still need a recruiter (in the LinkedIn age).” To see part 1, click here.

Recruiters can find the right people FAST

Recruiters are networkers. That’s the specialty. We’ve connected and built relationships with thousands of people. These people are connected with thousands more. Our network of people knows people, so finding the right guy is easy for us. We can even help you find the passive talent. The perfect talent for your organization you hadn’t thought about…because they’re already working for someone else.

According to Dayna Stewart of Big Wave Digital:

“Recent LinkedIn statistics have identified that only 30% of the market in Australia are actively looking for jobs online. This means as an employer looking to find the right person, their reach is restricted, even more so if their message isn’t advertised or promoted in the correct online or digital communities.”

Our access and reach goes far and wide. You don’t need to deal with trawling through hundreds of irrelevant CVs, taking hundreds of pointless phone calls, hunting down hashtags on Twitter or interviewing people who are most likely wrong for the role.

Recruiters are negotiation experts

Recruiters play both roles of messenger and buffer between clients and candidates during a negotiation process. Clients can run the risk of scaring away great candidates by putting an offer on the table that’s too low. Candidates can scare off clients by asking for numbers that are way too high.

In the middle are the recruiters who can play the objective third party advising both clients and candidates honestly when they’re being unfair in their offerings and askings. It means clients won’t lose great candidates at the last minute and candidates won’t be running away — or worse, entering an organisation with gritted teeth.

Recruiters deliver so you smile at the end of the day

“Market information, industry knowledge, connections and referrals are four key differentiators of working with a recruiter as opposed to going it alone.” (Dayna Stewart)

Using an online networking strategy that leverages job search sites and social media may connect you with a lot of people, but they may not be the right people. Recruiters are determined to find the right people, connect you with them and make sure the placement process is as simple and easy as it can be for you.

They’re here to save you time, money and resources so your organization continues running as a well oiled machine where your staff work in harmony and earnings are consistent and sizeable.

So what do you think? Do you need a recruiter or don’t you? Sound off in the comments section below.

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